Prepare your exam

You will soon be doing exams at IRIMA. Our medical, nursing and administrative teams will be happy to welcome you there and are listening to you. Here are some practical recommendations to prepare for your exam. 

  • Before the exam: 

A certain number of examinations may require special arrangements (complete fasting, having a full bladder, etc.). These arrangements will be specified to you when making an appointment. It is for this reason that we will ask you to specify the nature of the examination to be carried out and its motivations. 

If you need to have an MRI, you will be given a safety questionnaire. MRI scans require certain precautions. It is essential for them to be correctly completed that the questionnaire is properly completed. Incomplete or erroneous indications can have consequences on the examinations (poor quality, accident, etc.). 

  • During the examination: 

Carefully follow the instructions given to you, your cooperation is essential so that the images are not blurred. In the event of an injection, if you experience pain, you should immediately report it. 

  • Bring on the day of the exam: 

    1. Your doctor's request (prescription, letter, etc.). 

    2. A written list of the medications you are taking. 

    3. The radiographic file in your possession (radiography, ultrasounds, scanners, MRI ...)

    4. The latest blood test results in your possession. 

  • After returning to your home: 

In the vast majority of cases, you will not feel anything in particular. However, do not hesitate to report any event that seems abnormal to the medical team or your doctor.