The Institute of Radiology and Imaging of Abidjan ( IRIMA ) offers all imaging modalities for screening, diagnosis and therapeutic follow-up. Installed within the Farah Polyclinic, IRIMA is equipped with the most efficient equipment in West Africa. 


A technical platform at the cutting edge of technology. 

Our technical platform, geared towards new technologies , consists of the latest generation devices : 1.5T MRI , 4D ultrasound , color doppler , tomodensitometer, mammography ... 


Quality of reviews and service. 

Medical imaging is a constantly evolving discipline. Our team brings together experienced radiologists, trained in the latest examination techniques and procedures. Our facilities are modern and welcoming; our pleasant, comfortable and secure environment. Our objective is to offer a high quality of examinations and to ensure an irreproachable service to the patients. 

(PACE) système archivage et gestions des données d’imagerie